Lockstitch KF-1710


1-needle Post-bed Lockstitch Machine with Unison Feed

1-needle post-bed lockstitch machine with unison feed. Designed for sewing heavy materials such as leather, furniture and car upholstery. Equipped with a mechanism that protects needles and loops against damage, and an adjustment knob with a multi-stage scale that allows you to adjust the height of the inner foot to the thickness of the sewing material. A button located near the needle bar activates the bartacking function during sewing. The 750 W servo motor is located under the machine top.


  • Sewing speed: up to 2000 stitches / minute
  • Stitch length: up to 9 mm
  • Maximum foot lifting height: 16mm
  • Needle system: DPx17

Technical Data

KF-1710 9 16 DPx17 2000