Lockstitch GT-280


1-needle Lockstitch Machine with Unison Feed for Extra Heavy Sewing

1-needle cylinder lockstitch machine with unison feed (bottom, needle and foot) designed for ultra heavy sewing (thick leather, technical fabrics). Equipped with XXL swinging XXL hook type “Barrel” and energy-saving 750 W drive with needle positioning function.
The distance from the machine body/corps to the needle bar is 32.5 cm.


  • Sewing speed: 1000 stitches / minute
  • Stitch length: up to 12 mm
  • Raising the foot: up to 20 mm
  • 325 mm ground clearance
  • Cylinder circumference 29 cm (diameter 9.5 cm)
  • Needle thickness: 250
  • Power supply: 230V

Technical Data

KF-205-370 12 20 1000