Lockstitch KF-206H-L18-7


1-needle Automatic Lockstitch Machine with Unison Feed Direct Drive Motor Extended Arm 45 cm

1-needle lockstitch machine with unison feed, automatic functions and extended arm. The distance from the needle to the machine body is 45 cm. Designed for sewing heavy materials such as leather, furniture and car upholstery. Motor 750 W Direct Drive reduces vibration and noise during machine operation. Built-in LED lighting increases the comfort of the person sewing on the machine. The machine is equipped with the function of automatic thread cutting, locking at the beginning and end of sewing, the needle positioning and presser foot lifting, which are programmed using a readable and easy to use control panel located in the machine head.


  • Sewing speed: up to 2000 stitches / minute
  • Stitch length: up to 9 mm
  • Maximum foot lifting height: 16mm
  • Needle system: DPx17

Technical Data

KF-206H-L18-7 9 16 DPx17 2000