Lockstitch GT-280


Single Needle Direct Drive Lockstitch with Automatic Functions, Double Round Cutter, Oil Tank Closed

KRAFT KF-525M is a model of a new series of “smart” industrial sewing machines from the KRAFT brand, for sewing light and medium fabrics. The machine is equipped with a touch LCD display with an intuitive interface. The control panel is located in place, where the operator has easy access, so can make adjustments even while sewing, without interrupting the process. Automatic feature: thread trimmer, foot lifter and bartacking.

The smooth start function allows for a smooth start of the stitch with a progressive increase sewing speed. Operator must activate the proper option on the control panel and set the number of initial stitches that will be performed at minimum engine speed.


  • Built-in control panel
  • Automatic thread trimming
  • Automatic foot lifter
  • Automatic bartacking
  • Energy saving servo motor (Built in head of machine)
  • New thread trimming system
  • Built-in LED light
  • Built-in needle positioner
  • Built-in bobbin winder
  • Closed oil circuit
  • Automatic oil pump
  • Smooth start function

Built-in servo motor

KRAFT KF-525M is equipped with energy efficient built-in servo motor from Taiwanese Ho-Hsing producer. Motor work is transmitted directly to the main shaft. Cooler significantly reduces the temperature of the motor and control unit.

Integrated panel

KRAFT KF-525M is equipped with an innovative control panel, which is conveniently located in the direct contact of the machine operator. That solution allows to change the parameters of sewing much easier.

Stitch adding

There is a function button for adding one stitch in the needle guide area. This option will be useful during the rotation at the corners of the products.

Short cutting

New thread trimming mechanism with two movable knives, allows you to cut the top and bottom thread at one stitch point. The length of the tail after trimming is only 3 mm. There is no need to cut the remaining thread manually anymore.

LED light

Built-in LED-light is practically placed directly above the needle, providing excellent illumination of the entire working area of the machine. Available brightness adjustment of the lighting in two positions.

Built-In bobbin winder

The device for winding is built into the head of machine, allowing to carry out preparatory work on winding the thread on the bobbin as quickly as possible.

No dust, no problems

The sewing machine is equipped with a hermetic oil pan with an automatic oil pump. The closed crank case prevents leakage and effectively protects the lubricating fluid from contamination by dust, lint and metal shavings.

Technical Data

KF-525M DBx1 0-5 5.5-13 5000 655x245x540 46/40