Lockstitch KF-206H-L18-7


1-needle Cylinder Lockstitch Machine with Unison Feed

One needle cylinder lockstitch machine with unison feed (feed dog, needle, presser foot), adjustable foot height and a large hook. The distance between the needle bar and the machine arm is 260 mm. The machine is designed to work in industry – for sewing heavey materials. The small diameter of the cylindrical bed (51 mm) facilitates sewing in hard to reach places and sewing closed circuits, so-called sewing “round”. Ideal for upholsterers, leatherworkers, leather and footwear manufacturers. Equipped with energy-saving servo motor 750W mounted under the machine top.

KF-246B – Available subclass for binding. Includes a device that allows the installation of the movable binder on the machine.


  • Sewing speed: up to 2000 stitches / minute
  • Stitch length: up to 6 mm
  • Maximum foot lifting height: 13mm
  • Needle system: DPx17

Technical Data

KF-246 6 13 DPx17 2000