Direct Drive Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine Sewing area: 800x450mm

Electronically controlled machine for sewing large elements in sewing aread 800 x 450 mm.
The machine is used for multiple sewing a repeatable pattern, sew on labels, Velcro, emblems and sew on pockets, flaps, zip fasteners and other items.
The machine can also be used in the production of quilted jackets, coats, quilts or mattresses. Equipped with a servo motor built-in the machine head (Direct Drive system) and step motors.
The machine is applicable to various materials and operations. It is easy to use and applied solutions that special skills are not require from the operator.
All sewing parameters can be programmed on a clear, touch-screen operation panel. The created patterns can be saved in the internal memory of the machine (available memory for 999 patterns) or an external USB memory.
Available version for heavy fabrics, needle DPx35, #19