Electronic Buttonhole Sewing Machine

KRAFT KF-1790 is an electronic buttonhole machine, equipped with an energy-saving servo motor built into the machine head (Direct Drive system). Machine have programmable active thread tension control system – the machine can change the thread tension in the needle during parallel sewing or during locking, in order to obtain the best shape of the buttonhole.

The machine allows you to make a hole in the double cycle of sewing and with a pre-stitching, which results in the highest quality holes, especially on elastic fabrics – knitwear. KRAFT KF-1790 is equipped with the function of repeatedly lowering the knife, thanks to which there is no need to change the knife when changing the size of the buttonhole.

The closed lubrication system only feeds the oil to the catcher mechanism, eliminating the possibility of spotting the material from the needle bar.

KRAFT KF-1790 is using 5 high-precision stepper motors for better sewing and unique electronic yarn clamping mechanism, through the adjustment with the electromagnet yarn clamping tension can achive the difference needs of button holing middle parallel part and bar tacks tension.


  • Sewing speed: 4200 stitches/min
  • 1000W servo motor
  • Easy to operate touch panel