Electronic Bartack Sewing Machine

KRAFT KF-430 is an electronic programmable bartacking machine for various applications. Suitable for medium (KF-430-01) and heavy (KF-430-02) materials like: Jeans and knitted clothing.

The standard equipment is an advanced touch color control panel, thanks to which we have the ability to create and save custom stitching patterns. The USB connector allows you to upload and copy and transfer sewing patterns to other machines. Individual control mechanisms using the stepper motor provides high performance and quiet operation and the new thread cutting mechanism guarantees that a shorter thread remains on the material.

KRAFT KF-430 are equipped with a modern energy-saving servo drive mounted in the machine head – Direct Drive.


  • Automatic presser foot lifter
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Electronically controlled thread tension
  • Sewing speed: 3200 stitches/min
  • Easy to operate touch panel

Technical Data

KF-430-01 #14-19 0.05-12.7 17 3200 780x360x550 56.6
KF-430-02 #14-19 0.05-12.7 17 3200 780x360x550 56.6