Electronic Button Sewing Machine with Automatic Button Feeder

Electronic two thread button sewing machine with automatic button feeder. Suitable for sewing flat buttons. The use of a lockstitch stitch guarantees the permanent attachment of the button, without the risk of accidental ripping out. Automatic button feeding significantly increases work efficiency. The maximum button feeding speed is 30 pcs / min (one button every 2 sec). The whole is controlled by step motors.

The automatic feeder can be adapted to buttons with a diameter of 8-20mm without having to replace any parts. The machine is equipped with a set of feeding grips in 10 sizes (with two or four pins in each size). Easy-to-operate touch control panel. Compressed air connection required.


  • Sewing speed: up to 2,700 stitches / min
  • DPx17 # 14 needle system
  • Button diameter 10 – 22 mm
  • Button thickness 1.5 – 3.5 mm
  • Number of stitching designs: 33
  • 230V / 50Hz power supply
  • Average consumption 20 liters / min