Direct Drive 1-step Zig-Zag Machine

High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch, Zig-zag Stitching Machine. The standard Zig-zag stitching machine which creates softly finished seams. The needle rocking mechanism is provided with a triangular cam which helps produce beautiful seams with consistency.
Machine is equipped with integrated 550W Direct Drive servo motor provides a smooth and steady operation without the noise and vibration. High efficiency and excellent quality. Japanese hook provides perfect and stable stitch.


  • Sewing speed: 4500 stitches/min
  • Stitch width up to: 5mm
  • 550W servo motor
  • High Quality Japanese hook

Technical Data

KF-2280D #10-14 5 5,5-10 4500 660x350x620 39/47