Lockstitch GT-280


Single Needle Lockstitch Machine with Top and Bottom Feed, Full Automatic, Long Arm 33 cm

KRAFT BML-0313-D4 – new generation industrial sewing machine with a larger hook, long arm and and a dual mechanism of feeding material. Dual mechanism of feeding material is moved by the lower rail and walking foot, that is, due to two driving mechanisms. The size of the hook is increased by 30%, to be able to use more capacious bobbin case and work with thick thread. The size of the long arm in this model is increased to 330 mm, especially for working with a dimensional cut. KRAFT BML-0313-D4 is ideal for sewing leather goods and super-heavy materials: upholstered furniture, tourist equipment, awnings, car covers.

The smooth start function allows for a smooth start of the stitch with a gradual increase in sewing speed. To do this, on the control panel, you must specify the number of initial stitches that will be performed at minimum engine speed. The number of stitches can be set from 1 to 50. Starting speed – from 200 to 1 500 stiches/min.


  • Built-in control panel
  • Double feed
  • Double hook capacity
  • Energy saving servo motor (Built in machine)
  • Built-in LED light
  • Built-in needle positioner
  • Built-in spooler
  • Automatic oil pump
  • Smooth start function
  • Automatic thread trimming
  • Automatic bartacking
  • Automatic foot lifter

Built-in servo motor

KRAFT BML-0313-D4 is equipped with energy efficient servo-motor built-in from famous Taiwanese Ho-Hsing. Revolutions from the engine are transmitted directly to the main shaft, without a clutch or belt. Cooler significantly reduces the temperature of the engine and control unit.

Integrated panel

KRAFT BML-0313-D4 is equipped with an innovative control panel, which is conveniently located above the sewing platform, in the contact and visual areas of the machine operator. That solution allows you to change the parameters of sewing much easier.

LED light

Built-in LED-illumination is practically placed directly above the needle, providing excellent illumination of the entire working area of the bag platform. Available brightness adjustment of the lighting in two positions.

Built-In Spooler

The device for winding is built into the head of the sewing machine, allowing you to carry out preparatory work on winding the thread on the bobbin as quickly as possible.

Long Arm

Especially for convenient work with overall cut, the flight of the arm in this model is increased to 330 mm. Excellent solutions for sewing various covers and awnings.

Stable line

Powerful engine, great force of puncture needle and a fixed transport of material, help to sew eight layers of the leather and work on the uneven thickness of the package.

Technical Data

BML-0313-D4 DPx5 (16#-20#) 1 6-13 9 35 370 2500 580x250x530 45/39