Direct Drive Overlock Sewing Machine with Upper and Lower Differential Feed

A new series of 4- and 5-thread overlocks, equipped with an integrated energy-saving motor mounted in the head directly on the machine’s main shaft (DIRECT DRIVE system), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and lower power consumption.

KRAFT ST-998TED – Computerized ST-998T series with brand new independent drive top feed mechanism, for heavy fabrics with auto thread cutter and auto presser foot lifting by electric system.

KRAFT ST-998TD – Direct drive only 998T series with upper and down differential feed 4 and 5-thread overlock sewing machine.

Built-in LED-illumination is practically placed directly above the needle, providing excellent illumination of the entire working area. Available brightness adjustment of the lighting in two positions.

That model has got the newest energy-efficient built-in servo motor. Motor power is 550 watts. Revolutions from the engine are transmitted directly to the main shaft, without a clutch or belt. Cooler significantly reduces the temperature of the engine and control unit.


  • Auto thread cutter
  • Auto presser foot lifting
  • Sewing speed: 6000 stitches / min
  • Height of foot lifting: 7 mm
  • Needles positioning
  • Integrated backlight with LED diodes

Integrated panel

KRAFT ST-998TED/TD is equipped with an innovative control panel, which is conveniently located. That solution allows you to change the parameters of sewing much easier.

Technical Data

ST-998TD-4-M03/333 2 5 #11-14 2 4 0.5-3.8 1.1-3.8 7 6000 472x360x495 28,5/38,3
ST-998TD-5-A04/435 2 5 #14-18 5 6 0.5-3.8 0.7-2 7 6000 472x360x495 28,5/38,3
ST-998TPD-4/AT 2 5 #11-14 2 4 0.5-3.8 1.1-3.8 7 6000 472x360x495 28,5/38,3