Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

A specialized machine for sealing seams, used for the production of outdoor clothing, clothing for the army and civil services, protective clothing, as well as for the production of tents, tarpaulins and many other products. Equipped with independent drives for the upper and lower rollers with the possibility of their differentiation. Such type of feeding ensures the highest quality of the final product.

The machine is equipped with a special slanted arm which makes the operator’s work easier and increases productivity. The integrated easy-to-read LCD control panel allows to set basic operating parameters, i.e. temperature, operating speeds of the top roller and bottom roller, reverse speed, and many others.

Equipped with electric tape feeding device.

Compressed air connection is required for proper operation.


  • Working speed: 5-30m / min
  • Air temperature: 0 – 750 °C
  • Power: 2 kW
  • Heater power: 1800 W
  • Power supply: 230V
  • Roller width: 28mm
  • Sealing tape width: 14 – 25mm
  • Roller lift height:25 mm
  • Air working pressure: 3kg / cm²